I'll admit it... there really isn't much on this Earth I like better than donuts. And I'm not picky about it either. You'd be hard-pressed to find a donut that I had anything bad to say about. even the cheapest store-bought donuts have a certain appeal from time to time. I like to rough it sometimes.

There's a new kid in town in Bar Harbor.

Christopher Kemna, the owner of Bar Harbor's newest food stop, Graffiti Donuts, saw a hole in the market around town and decided to fill it. If you look around, you'll find restaurants of every kind that you could imagine. Super high-end fine dining, diners, pubs, BBQ, Thai food.... you name it.

But Kenma, after talking to other residents and even Airbnb owners, noticed there was no real dedicated donut shop. He recently described it this way to WABI:

It’s something that we heard from a lot of hotel and Airbnb owners. They’re saying that they’re always being asked, ‘Where can we get a donut? Is there a donut shop in town?’ We saw that opportunity, and fortunately it’s not hard to sell donuts.

This place could even make Homer Simpson blush.

Once you start looking around though, you'll see it's much more than just the typical energy enhancement rings. They have all sorts of fun items you might not find in a more traditional shop. for instance, you make your own "donut sundae" by covering donuts in all sorts of extra little treats.

You can even get a donut milkshake with a donut served right on the top of it. Also, unlike more traditional spots, they're open a little on the later side, which may help them be seen as a dessert destination on Mount Desert Island. I feel like there's a pun hidden in here somewhere...

If you want to check it out yourself, peruse their menu right here. And stop in to try them out next time you're down that way. They're located on 55 Water Street in Bar Harbor, and open from 8 AM - 10 PM.

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