Sharon Linscott, the Bar Harbor Town Clerk and her election workers are going to be very busy on Tuesday, November 6th, Election Day, but according to Linscott, nearly 25% of the registered voters in Bar Harbor have already voted and had their ballots counted.

Bar Harbor has 4558 registered voters as of Monday morning, November 5th. Residents may register to vote today and at the polls on Tuesday, November 6th. Linscott said that poll workers opened 1127 absentee envelopes on Saturday, and ran them through the ballot machines. There were a total of 1347 absentee ballots requested, so the remaining 120, if returned will be processed on Tuesday.

As to ranked voting, on the tally sheets that Linscott will report on Tuesday night, they will include just the 1st place votes. Couriers will come and pick up the USB sticks and bring those to Augusta, where representatives from the Secretary of State's Office will tabulated the ranked choice voting if necessary.

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