Today, September 25th is National Daughter's Day! I'm very blessed to have 2 wonderful sons, but wish that we had a daughter as well.

I know being a Dad to a daughter can be very nerve-wracking especially in this day and time. I think that I would have wanted to meet any of the boys she would have dated with a baseball bat at the door!

I was always jealous of Dads who were able to go to Father/Daughter dances and do special things with their little girls. And let's be honest, no matter how old they are, they still are and always will be your little girl!

I know my wife would have loved to do the typical Mother-Daughter activities. There's nothing like conspiring with your daughter, and the bond that a Mom and their daughter has is special!

So in honor of National Daughter's Day, post a picture of your Daughter in the comments below and brag a bit about her! Happy National Daughter's Day!

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