Today is National Broadcast Traffic Professional's Day! You might be saying what? But let me tell you, Lisa and Jessica who work in our traffic office at the Acme Road in Brewer are the backbone of our stations!

As a Broadcast Traffic Professional, they schedule all the commercials that air on our stations, WDEA, WQCB, WWMJ, WBZN and 92.9 The Ticket. As consolidation has occurred throughout the industry, their workload has increased, and they also schedule commercials for our Presque Isle and Augusta markets.

It's much more than scheduling commercials. They double-check orders, catching all, if not most of my mistakes! They chase down copy for commercials, help answer phones, listen to our complaints and much more.

Lisa and Jessica are two of our longest serving employees, each with over 20 years of service. They along with our DJ's and music, are why our stations sound so good!

So thank-you Lisa and Jessica! Today is your day, and I'll do my best not to wreck it!

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