Hello from South Dakota where it's supposed to be sunny and 74 degrees today! I can't believe how green everything is! Here are some thoughts from a long day traveling yesterday!

  • There are lots and lots of billboards in Iowa and South Dakota. It makes you realize how nice Maine's anti-billboard law is!
  • Getting into a rental car with only AM radio? That's what we have and it's not even WDEA AM 1370!
  • A beer tasted great last night in Chicago at O'Hare Airport but a $9.00 Sam Adams Seasonal Ale? Holy crap it wasn't that good!
  • Central Time is great! It was light until 8:30 last night.
  • It's amazing how my phone knows to change it's time when I enter the Central Time Zone. I don't even have to do a thing!
  • South Dakota is a long long way from Bangor Maine! Bangor to Philly, Philly to Chicago and Chicago to Sioux City Iowa is a long ass day!
  • O'Hare and Philadelphia Airports are MUCH MUCH bigger than Bangor International Airport!
  • People in South Dakota are very friendly like people in Maine, but I haven't asked directions yet, because you know you can't get there from here!
  • The University of South Dakota is a nice campus!
  • The hooding ceremony is at 3 PM this afternoon. I'm going to get lots of photos I hope!

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