The Maine Principal Association's Football Committee met in Bangor on Thursday January 29th and have recommended AGAINST Spring or Summer Tackle Football.

Currently, Tackle Football is listed as a "high risk" activity under the Maine Community Sports Guidelines.  Unless this designation is modified, tackle football is not allowed.

During a lengthy MPA Football Committee meeting yesterday, the difficult discussion around the pros and cons for sponsoring some type of a late spring/early summer tackle football season if the "high risk" designation was modified took place.  Within that discussion, the committee made protecting the spring sports season a priority, but also looked at safety issues, financial implications, and the impact that a summer program would have on other activities.

As a result of this conversation, the MPA Football Committee will not be recommending that they sponsor a school-based tackle football program in the spring/summer.  They support efforts that would give senior football players a chance to finish off their football experience and would support a return to traditional summer programming that would prepare underclassmen for a fall season.

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