Congratulations to the Mountain View Cheerleaders from Sullivan who finished 1st in their division in Calais on Saturday, February 23rd.

Photo Niki Foss
Photo Niki Foss

The team, coached by Niki Foss and Althea Christiansen consists of

  • Amber Grindle
  • Brionna Mowery
  • Bianca Seavey-Tucker
  • Julyanna Damon
  • Zoe Power
  • Rhiana Foss
  • Cailyn Hayward
  • Maddy Bickford
  • Brooklynn Carter
  • Emily Burrill
  • Sarah Wilcox
  • Aryanna Butler
  • Kyla Hobbs
  • Ryan Wade
  • Marissa Colby
  • Clara Christiansen

Thanks to Niki Foss for the information

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