The annual Town of Mount Desert Spring Cleanup takes place this week. It takes place every year during the April School Vacation. Note that regular household trash pickup will occur normally.

The schedule is flexible and will vary depending upon on the volume of trash that is set out to be collected. Due to cost and time constraints, Public Works in unable to backtrack so please pay particular attention to the schedule. There will be only one pick-up per residence.

Monday: Start in Northeast Harbor.
Tuesday: Start at the intersection of Routes 3 (Peabody Drive) & 198 (Sound Drive) and work towards Seal Harbor.
Wednesday: Start in Otter Creek and work back towards Seal Harbor.
Thursday: Start on Route 198 (Sound Drive) and work towards and into Somesville.
Friday: Friday Public Works will collect from the general area including Hall Quarry, Pretty Marsh, and Beech Hill areas.

Bags of leaves will be collected on April 24th

One truck will collect materials that include lesser amounts of asphalt shingles, tarpaper, sheet rock, insulation, plastic bags, and other non-wood materials. Amounts are limited to the size of a pick-up truckload, 8' X 6' X 3.5', approximately six (6) cubic yards.

Another truck will collect a maximum of 4 tires per residence without rims (the rubber only) and metal appliances such as stoves, freezers, refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers. The doors must be completely removed from freezers and refrigerators. If they are not, they will not be picked up.

Another truck will collect burnable wood waste such as brush and tree limbs and a separate truck will collect lumber and other wooden materials. To be collected, all wood waste must be less than four-feet in length and less than six-inches in diameter. Amounts are limited to the size of a pick-up truckload, 8' X 6' X 3.5', approximately six (6) cubic yards. Stumps will not be collected.

Engine blocks and vehicle motors with bases removed will be collected. They must be free of all fluids.

All materials must be in suitable containers or bundles able to be handled by one person.

Materials that will not be collected include batteries of any kind, boats, hazardous waste (petroleum products, antifreeze, etc.), universal waste (TV's, computer components, etc.).

If you have any questions, please call 276-5743, 276-5744 or 276-5531

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