I think we can all agree that every year, we want summer to get here as quickly as possible. But one thing I think we can also agree on is that once it's here, we'd all love to dial it back about six weeks once mosquito and black fly season hits. We love the warm temps, but it brings out the worst of Maine's unofficial state bird.

But what can you really do about it? I feel like I've tried everything under the sun, and nothing reeeally works that well, in my opinion. Bug spray? Meh. Citronella candles? Meh. Plus a whole host of folk remedies that also do basically nothing. Mosquitoes are gonna mosquito, no matter what. So again, what can you do?

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Have you considered some ultra-stylish, sexy as hell mosquito pants? Yeah, you heard me right. Mosquito pants. Sure they look like lower body wear more appropriate to a Right Said Fred video, but hey, you'll look preeetty hot this summer in these wicked cool mosquito net chaps. All your friends will be jealous. Check these out:



Who cares about the rest of your body. We're trying to look good here. So mosquito chaps it is. Otherwise, you'd have to wear a full beekeeper's suit to avoid getting bitten. That's just not stylish. You can't roll into Blaze on a Friday night in a HAZMAT suit. But you can roll in with your sweet, see-through bug barriers.

Setting the standard for sartorial splendor is what we're talking about. This isn't just about not getting bitten. This is about showing people that you can have class when it comes to biting fly protection. Sorry, you'll still have to fend off would-be suitors who are drawn to your bug pants like a moth to a flame. You're on your own there.

So where can you find these majestic pantaloons? On Amazon of course! Where else would you find something so useful, yet so stylish at the same time?! And only $12.99 a pair! Seriously, I can't stress enough... you'll repel mosquitoes, but you will likely attract a mate. Sure, it may have multiple legs and a segmented body, but let's not engage in shaming here.

Get yourself some mosquito chaps for summer. I guarantee, you will be the most famous person in your area when you start showing them off. Get ready for the big time pal... bug pants are about to change your whole life.

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