Merry Christmas! Our family finally joined the matching Christmas Jammies fad. We are extremely lucky that Craig was able to fly home from Chicago and that Collin joined us last night!

Photo Chris Popper
Photo Chris Popper

We couldn't believe how well behaved Elmer and Pebbles were and how they wanted to make sure they were included in the photo! Well, it must have been the fact that Santa hadn't arrived yet, and they were hoping that they were on the "Good List" (of course they were! )

To those of you who have been up for hours, because the children woke you before the sun rose to tell you that Santa had arrived or were up all hours wrapping, I can only tell you Merry Christmas and ENJOY it! With our children 32 and 30 I know I miss those days! I keep telling my wife that I want to wake Craig up, but the looks she has given me tells me I will be on Santa's naughty list for 2022 if I do!

To those working today, a special thank you! To the police, fire, dispatchers, hospital staff, thank you for giving up part of your day, to keep us safe and well. If you are a senior staff member and volunteered to work so that those with younger children could be at home this morning, an extra special thank you! I hope you all have a very quiet and peaceful day.

To everyone who has read all these stories on the WDEA website, and have let me into your homes online and on air, thank you. I am extremely blessed to be able to broadcast all the high school games and activities in Downeast Maine. We can only do it because of the great advertisers who support the station and you who read these stories and listen to AM 1370 WDEA.

There's so much bad news in the world, an I hope that you see the good when you come to the WDEA website. 2021 and 2020 have been tough years with the global pandemic. My wish for you is continued good health and a safe recovery for all that have been affected by the coronavirus. Please do your part by making sure that you are fully vaccinated and wearing a mask when out in public!

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