So our family has expanded! As you may know, my wife and I are dog people, and we have 2 dogs, both Great Danes, Elmer and Wilma. Wilma is technically our son's dog, but lives with us. Now, there's a 3rd!

Photo Chris Popper
Photo Chris Popper

Saturday afternoon, a 6 month old female Great Dane came for an overnight, to see how she'd do with Elmer and Wilma. After they all wore themselves out running for pretty much non-stop for 2-3 hours in our yard, they settled down. Boy were they tuckered out.

She came with the name Ghost, but after trying about 10 different names ranging from Page, Betty, Penny, Pickles and more, we have settled on Pebbles. Seeing how we have Wilma, we decided to keep it in the Flinstones family!

Pebbles is a pro going up and down the back deck stairs, and is trying to teach Elmer how to do that! She was a little nervous coming down the steps in the house but has mastered that! She slept on the dog bed last night like a champ!  She did steal a chicken thigh that I cooked for dinner and inhaled it, promptly throwing it up, as she didn't even chew it. Going to have to grow a 3rd eye to keep track of them all!

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