Meet Flat Stanley! Flat Stanley was sent to me in the mail today by Harmoni who attends the Tremont Consolidated School in Ms.Janet Adler's 3rd Grade Class in Bass Harbor.

Flat Stanley
Flat Stanley (He's the one on the right)

The letter that accompanied Flat Stanley said

"In school we read a Flat Stanley book, and I thought it was great! The story is about a boy who was flattened by a bulletin board and became a half an inch thick! Now, he can slip under doors, fly like a kite, and, best of all, travel by mail!

I am mailing my Flat Stanley to you. Please take him somewhere and write me back telling be about his adventures. If you have pictures, postcards or brochures, please send them back with him. I will share his adventures with my classmates and we can learn about them when he returns home.

Thank you for helping me with this project. I wish I should fold myself up and visit you too!"

I can't wait to take Flat Stanley around! I have some great ideas, and will be sharing Flat Stanley's adventures with everyone here too!

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