MDI High School Robotic Teams will be competing on Saturday, March 3rd at Biddeford High School for the Vex Robotics Maine State Championship. There will be 50 teams competing from throughout the state with the best advancing to the World Championships which will be held in Kentucky.

MDI High School has 3 teams, the "Pickles", "Delta" and "Trojans". Members of the "Pickles" include seniors Taki Ishamura, Gloria Kelley, Robbie Denegre, Branden Dagenais, Maev Rogers, Chris Allen and juniors Lucas Ingebritson and Tyler Bechtold. The "Pickles" are named after the world Champion Conners Emerson Lego Robotics team that Taki, Robbie , Branden and Lucas were on. The "Pickles" were the tournament champion at John Bapst on January 20, 2018.

The "Delta" Team is copmposed of freshmen Nate Ingebritson, Josh Willard and Ayano Ishimura. The "Trojans" are a mix of sophomores and freshmen with Finn Seyyfer, Axel Escholtz, Matt Mingo, Paxton Brown and Kyle Collin.

Tim Moore, Isaac Saunders and Massimo Daul play critical supporting roles for all three teams, in scouting, programming and building of the robots.

This year's competition is "In the Zone" and robots compete in round-robin matches with two robots competing against two other robots. Robots must be able to pick up the light yellow cones and also the heavy mobile goals.

Sportsmanship and teamwork are highly valued as robots are both partner and opponent of any given team.

The MDI High School Robotics Teams are coach by Megan McOsker with the help of Tucker Atwood.


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