In late August, the MDI YWCA announced their nominees for Woman of the Year, Young Woman of the Year and Girl of the Year. The community was encouraged to vote and today, September 10th, the MDI YWCA announced the winners.

Woman of the Year

Wendy Haynes Littlefield – for donating a kidney to a child in need, for hosting AFS exchange students for many years, for serving on the Mount Desert Town Council, and for consistently going above and beyond her work at MDIHS by helping and encouraging students.

Young Woman of the Year

Maggie Painter – for her work with a women’s rights group in India, for her 2 years of serving as a volunteer Summit Steward for Acadia National Park, and for her activism with Indivisible MDI.

Girl of the Year

Gianna Turk – for her activism with the MDIHS Civil Rights Team, and for testifying at the Maine Legislature against forced conversion therapy.

Congratulations to the winners and all the nominees. The awards dinner will be held Friday, September 27th at Kebo Valley Golf Club. Tickets may be purchased here

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