There is a lot of uncertainty about school for the fall and school sports, but the MDI Volleyball Team is moving forward in preparation of a season. If you are interested in playing MDI Volleyball during the 2020-21 season you should read the following from the MDI Volleyball Coaching staff

Volleyball Information:
Hello! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy in these uncertain times. Many of you are probably wondering what is happening with summer practices? Will there be a fall season? Among other things. The short answer is nothing is final yet. But here is what we do know. This information was good as of 4:30 Sunday June 14th but is subject to change.

1. Starting June 15th we will be able to meet with all athletes virtually and prescribe things to do to try and get everyone back in shape. We will have more information on here as we get closer to that date and will set up a Zoom call for all those interested in participating. **Note: we have changed our Zoom meeting to Tuesday, June 16th at 6:30.**
2. We may start meeting on July 6th but there will be limitations. We will be limited to working with groups of no more than 6 athletes at a time. And these groups must remain together for the summer. So we will need to get a list of who is interested in attending summer practices and establish some time frames so that everyone can practice. But once established, again you will need to stick to that time and group.
3. We will not be allowed to scrimmage over the summer. Right now we are working to understand what that means and how we keep everyone safe.
4. As of now, the normal two-week no-contact period has been eliminated meaning that we can start team practices earlier than usual, on August 4th.
5. As of now, we do have a schedule for the fall and are planning on there being a volleyball season.

All of this comes with a large caveat: everything is subject to change. We will keep you apprised of changes here. If you know of anyone interested in playing volleyball, including incoming freshmen, encourage them to join our page. I will reach out to everyone by email as we get closer to the 15th but this will be our main means of communication with players and parents.

So for now, stay safe and stay active. If you haven't been doing much physical activity during the spring, now is a good time to get started. I will post some workout and conditioning ideas here soon. Hoping you all are well and hope to see you soon.

I also posted the Zoom link separately:

You will be able to join by using this link here:….
If you are unfamiliar with Zoom you can download the free app for your computer, tablet, or phone. It is a video conferencing software; all you need is an internet connection.
We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow evening. In the meantime, stay safe.

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