The MDI Marathon came into the Marathon Bracket Challenge as the #8 seed, but thanks to your votes, they emerged as #1 and are the winner of the 3rd Annual Bracket Challenge. The MDI Marathon didn't just win the Final Four voting, they crushed the competition!

The MDI Marathon, thanks to your votes finished 1st with 40% of the votes! The #3 Big Sur Marathon finished 2nd with 23 % while the #2 Marine Corps Marathon finished 3rd with 20 % of the votes and the #2 Wineglass Marathon finished in 4th place with 17% of the votes.

The MDI Marathon advanced to the Final 4 by defeating #9 Akron in the Opening Round, the #1 Chicago Marathon in the 2nd Round, the #12 Little Rock Marathon in the Round of 16 and #6 Route 66 Marathon in the Elite 8.

The MDI Marathon will be held Sunday, October 15, 2107

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