Congratulations to the MDI JV Girls Cross Country Team, who finished the season with a perfect score of 15 at the Meet held in Bangor on Tuesday, October 26th.

MDI had the Top 5 finishers, for a team score of 15 (1+2+3+4+5) and in fact had the Top 7 finishers.

Here are the results from Sub 5

Girls 5k Run CC

  1 Sophia Taylor             JR Mount Desert          21:28.53    1
  2 Carolina Graham           JR Mount Desert          21:49.90    2
  3 Lexi Simard               SR Mount Desert          22:11.08    3
  4 Azaria Long               SR Mount Desert          22:26.31    4
  5 Emma Simard               SO Mount Desert          22:50.32    5
  6 Lillian Beckwith          SO Mount Desert          22:52.31    6
  7 Fiona St. Germain         FR Mount Desert          23:07.87    7
  8 Anleigh Stevens           FR Hampden Academy       23:17.17
  9 Lily James                JR Mount Desert          23:21.62
 10 Hannah Williams           SO Bangor High School    23:55.74    8
 11 Grace O'Brien             SO Bangor High School    24:08.57    9
 12 Abigail Bergmark          FR Bangor High School    24:39.80   10
 13 Bridget Frazier           JR Bangor High School    24:54.00   11
 14 Alivia Mitchell           FR Bangor High School    25:01.36   12
 15 Abby MacDonald            JR Bangor High School    25:19.98   13
 16 Amaya Eddy                FR Mount Desert          25:37.56
 17 Olivia Underwood          SR Mount Desert          26:12.39
 18 Hope Milan                JR Bangor Christian      26:47.87
 19 Virginia Hunt             SR Bangor High School    26:56.38   14
 20 Marie Nemeth              SO John Bapst            27:28.68
 21 Katelynn Kinney           SR Bangor Christian      27:55.44
 22 Annalena Wittmann         SR Bangor High School    28:02.55
 23 Tessa Hartley             JR John Bapst            29:16.34
 24 Maya Elkadi               SR Bangor High School    29:29.76
 25 Davia Hersey              JR Hampden Academy       30:21.73
 26 Victoria Boyorak          JR Hampden Academy       31:34.38
 -- Molly Curtis              SO Hampden Academy            DNF


You couldn't ask for higher praise than from Coach Desiree Sirois who said this

The 10 runners who competed yesterday in Bangor competed, as they have all season, at a state championship varsity level. Without a doubt, their talent and sportsmanship is legendary regardless of their JV or Varsity designation. The ladies as a collective are by far the strongest JV team I have seen in my 14 years as head coach. They dominated the season. They were untouchable. They individually run state championship level times. Add that up, and collectively they would be in the top 3 in the state at the Class B meet… that is historical.

This is a Top notch team. The commitment, drive, and positivity they bring to EVERY practice and EVERY meet regardless of what type of practice it is or what meet they are running in, is the gold standard.
Their impact on and off the course is felt throughout the entire XC program and encourages everyone to do their best, be their best, Every single day.
Team, togetherness, and talent at its finest.

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