MDI High School Cross Country has this "weird" tradition! They go for a final team run prior to the State Finals and then they go for a 14 minute "dip" into the Atlantic Ocean! But you can't argue with the success, so off they went on Friday, November 1st down in Freeport!

I first saw this tradition last year in 2018 when I filmed it and took pictures. I was invited to go in with the team, but politely demurred! It was so funny last year, as employees from the Bar Harbor Inn were warmly waving to the team from the Reading Room Restaurant while the kids waved back! They were probably thinking these Maine kids have strange traditions!

The whole idea, as it was explained to me was to shock the system and remove all traces of lactic acid from the legs!

The team was down in advance of the State Finals at Twin Brooks on Saturday, November 2nd. Thanks to Coach Aaron Long who snapped the photos and video! Here's the team after previewing the course!

Photo Aaron Long
Photo Aaron Long

Check back on Saturday and we'll have the results!

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