Winning Gold Balls are great, but honestly, if you ask most High School Athletic Directors which they would prefer, a Gold Ball or the Sportsmanship Banner, I think you'd find that the majority would prefer the Sportsmanship Banner.

The Blue Sportsmanship Banners voted by opposing coaches and the officials are a significant achievement. How you play the game, the respect you show opposing teams, coaches , fans and officials are lifelong lessons that you take long after you leave the field or court.

On Saturday, November 6th the MDI Girls Soccer Team received the Class B Sportsmanship Banner

Photo May Chan
Photo May Chan

According to the MPA Soccer Bulletin

The Soccer Committee is committed to promoting and recognizing outstanding
sportsmanship during the regular season and throughout the tournament.  Good
sportsmanship is conduct which imposes a type of self-control involving honest rivalry,
courteous relations among the players, coaches, and officials, and graceful acceptance of results.  To make the sportsmanship banner selection process meaningful the committee asks that coaches and athletes from all levels of the program be involved in the voting process.

Areas to be considered:

A.  Neat attire by players, coaches, and managers.
B.  Players supporting one another on the field/court/ice and from the bench.
C.  No acts of unnecessary roughness/taunting.
D.  No inappropriate gestures, language, or expressions.
E.  Players using appropriate and positive communication to their coach.
F.  Players and coaches treating officials with respect—no inappropriate gestures,
language, or expressions.
G.  Positive community involvement.

Sportsmanship banners will be presented in all classes in both the North and South

Sportsmanship voting will take place after the season using the on-line sportsmanship
voting link provided on the MPA website.  Any school that receives an ejection, at any level in the program, shall be ineligible for the award.  Schools that do not submit a
sportsmanship ballot may not be considered for the award.

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