MDI-Ellsworth Football August 26, 2016 Photo Chris Popper Townsquare Media

The MDI and Ellsworth football teams begin their preseason on Monday, August 14th, and will meet in an exhibition game in Ellsworth on Friday, August 25th at 7 PM, in a game that will be broadcast on WDEA Internet Radio, and on our free downloadable APP sponsored by First National Bank

Coach Sam Hughes of the Ellsworth Football Team said it best "Football is always about the something bigger. The true heart of football and why it means so much to those of us that get "it", is the shared sacrifice. That we must look out for one another and put the teams needs ahead of our own.
With this in mind we have decided to do a food drive for Loaves and Fishes food pantry.
We will be looking for some specific things for some of the most vulnerable and needy.
1 Baby Food
2 sugar free/ diabetic friendly
3 Gluten free / whole foods
The elderly, people with Lyme, diabetics, kids with ADHD, babies born addicted, and many other illnesses have dietary restrictions, and very often limited income. We as a football community can make a difference. Tell everyone you can and let's make this happen. We will start collections at our exhibition game at home against MDI. "

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