MDI Athletic Director Bunky Dow announced on Monday night, October 11th that the Trojan Baseball Coach, Andy Pooler had resigned.

Bunky Dow stated "This morning I received a letter of resignation/retirement from Andy Pooler, Varsity Baseball Coach at MDI High School.

After the season ended last year, I was aware that Andy was thinking about stepping down because his kids are getting older, and he wants to be around them more to support and watch them, being involved with their activities."

In his email to Athletic Director Dow, Andy Pooler said

"I need to focus on the bigger picture as the kids get older and want me around more.  Maybe I can even be one of those crazy little league coaches – but the first time I sat on the bleachers with my parents and got to watch Brayden play, it was the greatest feeling in the world, and I want more of that. "

Dow went on to state that  "Andy was an outstanding coach for MDI, and his teams were always competitive each season. Andy is a student of the game, and his players were always well prepared for each game. Coach Pooler is stepping down for all the right reasons and will be missed."

Andy Pooler played baseball as a high school student for MDI who later attended St. Joseph's College and played 4 seasons for the Monks. He graduated college in 2009. He joined MDI as a volunteer for 3 seasons and has been the head coach for the last 6 years.

Pooler will remain the Head Girl's Varsity Basketball Coach for Ellsworth High School.

Andy is married to Amy Pooler and they have 2 children, Brayden and Bella. A former realtor, he works at First National Bank

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