Congratulations to the MDI and Ellsworth High School One Act Teams who won the Class A and Class B Downeast Maine Drama Festival respectively, on Saturday, March 7th to advance to the State Finals which will be held March 20-21.

Photo Chris Dougherty

MDI will be competing in the for the Class A title in Falmouth while Ellsworth will be competing for the Class B title in Rockland at Oceanside High School.

Photo Chris Dougherty

MDI won with their performance of "A Beautiful Day in November on the Banks of the Greatest of the Great Lakes" by Kate Benson, directed by Casey Rush. Ellsworth won with their performance of "Selections from Talking With" by Jane Martin" directed by Jasmine Ireland

Hampden Academy was the Class A Runner-up

Photo Chris Dougherty

Washington Academy was the Class B Runner-up

Photo Chris Dougherty

The All Festival Cast included

Bangor High School  -"The Importance of Being Earnest

  • Miles Tuttle for Algernon Moncrieff
  • Elisabeth Budd for Cecily Cardew
  • George Smith for Jack Worthing
  • Claire Thompson for Lady Bracknell

Brewer High School - "Durang Durang"

  • Calvin Curtis for Jason/Judge/O'Brien
  • Emma Look for Medea/Kitty

Deer Isle-Stonington High School - "The Book Store"

  • Mason Plummer for Byron/Demetrius
  • Mason Woodman for Sven/Neil
  • Grace More for Turtledove

Ellsworth High School - "Selections from Talking With"

  • Naomi Burmeister  for Clear Glass Marbles
  • Kayla Hardison for Marks
  • Seneca Maddocks-Wilbur for Marks

Hampden Academy - "Cheaters"

  • Phoebe Wagner for Angel
  • Emi Verha for Madison
  • Ty Knappe for Michael

MDIHS - "A Beautiful Day in November on the Banks of the Greatest of the Great Lakes"

  • Zach Uliano for Grandada
  • Rawl Blackett for Snapdragon
  • Rex DeMuro for the Announcer At Symbol
  • Ruby Mahoney for the Announcer Hashtag

Shead Memorial High School - "Mercedes' Circus"

  • Sarah Bartlett for ADHD
  • Luis Arroyo for Anxiety

Washington Academy - "This is Not a Pipe Dram

  • Noah Carver for Father
  • Vivian Noakes for Interlocutor

Judges Commendations included


  • Awarded for the Living Art - Awarded to Grace Bennett, Sam Conner Self, Anna Elliott, Hannah Petrycki and Eden Tomlinson
  • Original Music - Awarded to Wells Mundell-Wood
  • Sound Design and Operation - Awarded to Becka Seifert

Brewer High School

  • Unified Movement and Voice - Awarded to The Greek Chorus

Deer Isle Stonington High School

  • Set Design - Awarded to Ian Cust

Ellsworth High School

  • Outstanding Achievement in Individualized Characterizations in an Ensemble - Awarded to The Cast
  • Sound Design and Composition - Awarded to Ian Brenner-Simpson
  • Tattoo Artist - Awarded to Lillian Frank

Hampden Academy

  • Light Design and Operation - Awarded to Jaiden Hansen and Adrien Sholes

Mount Desert Island High School

  • Outstanding Physicality and Choreography - Awared to Moxie McBreairty, Anna Redgate and Dezirae Zaman
  • Outstanding Set Construction - Awarded to the MDI Construction Crew
  • Video Design and Operation - Piper Charron and Laura Yeadon

Shead Memorial High School

  • Playwriting - Awarded to Sarah Bartlett
  • Puppets and Trees - Awarded to Sarah Bartlett and Katie Bartlett

Washington Academy

  • Sound Research and Creative Life Sound Effects - Awarded to Nam Ngat Nguyen and Nicholas Luuring
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