Did you know that the Mount Desert Island School Department offers a wide selection of courses for adults that are getting ready to start soon? Learning just isn't for K-12 and if you don't have your high school diploma, you can earn your GED through this program!  But this is more than just way to earn your GED, as there are classes for personal enrichment; Arts and Crafts; General Enrichment; Health and Wellness; Music and Dance and Personal Finance. There are also Business and Skills Training Courses, but you won't know everything they offer if you don't look through the catalog!

The MDI Adult Education program at MDI High School offers classes sure to fit everyone's interests, and they're very affordable, with some classes being FREE! Some classes meet for a short time, and some for an extended period, but you really should check out all the courses that are being offered!

The MDI Adult Education Department has hired someone very familiar to be the Evening Coordinator. Chelsea Dow McCurdy will greet you upon arrival. She will help with last minute registrations and make sure things run smoothly in the evening. Chelsea graduated from MDI High School and from Husson (2011, Youth Development). She is currently an Ed Tech at the High School and also works at The First, N.A., in Bar Harbor.

For more information about the MDI Adult Education Department you can call 288-4703