Bar Harbor's Scott Morrill, a Master Sergeant with the 101st Medical Group in the Maine Air National Guard was named Outstanding First Sergeant of the Year on Sunday, June 4, when the Maine National Guard held their 2023 Outstanding Airman and Best Warrior ceremony to recognize Maine soldiers and airmen who have distinguished themselves in their fields.

Photo Maine Air National Guard
Photo Maine Air National Guard Major Carl Lamb


Morrill initiated the "MAINEiac for a Day" event for the Gross family whose father, Deputy Luke Gross,  was killed in the line of duty for the Hancock County Sheriff's Department. Lorna Gross brought their two children, and each brought a friend for the day's events where they toured the hangar and KC-135, utilized the flight simulator, experienced the boom simulator, and were presented with several MAINEiacs gifts and apparel.

The event was lauded by all and very much appreciated by the Gross family.

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