We want to give a huge shout-out to 12 year old Mason Reed who was  in the water at Pond's End in Somesville on Tuesday, June 9th and swam to pull out a younger child who was in distress.

According to Mason's grandmother Ronda, the little boy was pushed in and immediately began calling for help. The young child's guardians weren't nearby and Ronda and another parent heard the child's cries and alerted Mason, who went in and hauled the child to safety.

Now's the perfect time to remind everyone that children should not be in the water without an adult nearby. Plus, if you are out on a watercraft, to make sure that everyone is wearing a lifejacket. Finally don't be fooled on warmer days, and assume that the ocean water is warm, as it generally is much colder than the air temperature. Be mindful of Beach Hazard Advisory Days.

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