It’s no wonder Maine Maple Sunday is a favorite event in Maine. This local treat not only tastes delicious but has a ton of health benefits that promote healthier alternatives that benefit the body in many ways. What better way to stay healthy!

As someone who subscribes to a low FODMAP diet and now an anti-inflammatory diet as well, maple syrup has become a stand-out ingredient to keep in line with these 'problem-reducing' diets.

Maple syrup has become one of the few sweeteners okay to put into my diet to add a little sweetness to smoothies, baked goods, and other things. But, besides it being a 'safer sugar' to put into a diet, the syrupy goodness that is a big industry here in the State of Maine has a lot of other health benefits.

More nutritious than sugar alternatives

According to, maple syrup is more nutritious than plain sugar. It has nutrients that plain sugar doesn't have, including manganese, B vitamin riboflavin, calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, and magnesium. Even though these are in small amounts it's nutrition that you wouldn't get with other common sweeteners.

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Reduces inflammation and can help slow the aging process

A medical journal revealed that maple syrup contains up to 24 various kinds of antioxidants in various quantities. Antioxidants reduce free radical damage which causes inflammation and other causes of chronic medical issues. According to, darker maple syrups may have more antioxidants and more flavor.  According to, maple syrup reduces oxidative stress which can aid in slowing down aging and strengthening the immune system.

Better alternatives to the worse alternatives

While we must be careful with the amount of any sugar we consume, ingesting maple syrup compared to other sweeteners allows our blood sugar levels to change more gradually than the quick spikes and crashes of other sugars, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Maple syrup allows us to use less sugar but still have that (occasional) sweetness that we like.

Can protect skin

People actually use maple syrup to reduce skin inflammation, blemishes, and dryness, much like people do with honey.

May help antibiotics work better

We are becoming more aware of the harmful effects of antibiotics on the body, when bad bacteria is intended to eliminate but healthy cells end up getting affected, too.  A study conducted including maple syrup with antibiotic use showed that maple syrup use seemed to target bacteria more efficiently as a result of needing fewer antibiotics in the process.

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