It's a story that could have had a much different ending, if not for the honesty of a man who found a bag full of cash in the middle of an Augusta street.

Raynard Grover was headed home from a doctor's appointment when he noticed something in the middle of the Old Belgrade Road. He tried to figure out what it was, as he drove closer, suddenly realizing it was either a stack of cash or a checkbook. So, of course, he stopped, and was shocked when he realized it was a bag, full of nearly $10,000 in cash. Now, Raynard is a good man, but he's human. He told WABI-TV that he'd never seen that much money in his life and, for a few seconds, considered keeping it. But, once he saw that the owner's name was in the bag, he knew he had to do the right thing. Raynard said he would hate to lose that much money and couldn't, in good conscience, keep it.

He contacted the Augusta Police and they helped him get the money back to Randy Violette, owner of Power Equipment Plus in Sidney. Violette said he was headed to the bank to deposit the money, when he put the bag on the bumper of his car, while he ran across the street to buy a newspaper. When he returned to the vehicle, he forgot the money was on the bumper, and headed out. Violette said he can't thank Grover enough for returning the money, adding it feels like he got an extra Christmas gift.


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