If you're like me, you end up with a pocket full of coins at the end of the week. What do you do with it? Put it in a jar? Buy a cup of coffee? The Emmaus Homeless Shelter in Ellsworth hopes that for the next month, through October 18th that you'll donate your loose change to them!

There are approximately 55,000 people in Hancock County. If everyone could donate just a dime, that would mean $5,500.00 to the Emmaus Shelter! Now obviously not everyone can donate a dime, some can do more and some can't do a dime, but if you donated your change, for just one week, it would make a real difference in the life of our fellow Mainers!

The Emmaus Homeless Shelter isn’t just a shelter. They have the Clothing Closet which helps those in the shelter as well as in the community get the items that they need. The clothing closet helps with day to day clothing as well as prom dresses and winter jackets. They also have furniture, linens and housewares. These items are used to help set up the residents as they transition out of the shelter into their own place and items are also available to members of the community when available.

The Emmaus Homeless Shelter is also an Emergency Food Pantry which those that need a food box should call ahead 24 hours. before pick up. On Thursdays and Saturday mornings at 8:30 sharp  they have what is called Produce days which is not just produce but many items like meat, cheese, bread, sweets and fruits and veggies. The items are different every week. Members of the community are welcome and can take all that they can use. Just bring bags to carry your items home.

The holidays are a very busy and demanding time at the shelter. They offer Thanksgiving and Christmas food boxes so that every family can enjoy a wonderful meal with all the fixings. The Emmaus Homeless Shelter also participates in the  Christmas For Kids Program where they provide multiple gifts for each child so that all children can have an exciting Christmas morning.

The Shelter is a 501c (3) non-profit organization under HOME Inc. They depend on the generosity and support of the business and people in the in the community.

Coins may be dropped off at any  Bangor Savings Bank location in Ellsworth, Bucksport and Castine. There are also change containers at Sylvia’s Café, Governors, Friends and Family Market and Pat's Pizza in Ellsworth. Tideway Market in Hancock and Jordan’s Restaurant in Bar Harbor are also places to drop off change. Change may also be dropped off at the Emmaus Homeless Shelter in Ellsworth.

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