I love this State! Despite the horrible winters and the ticks, and the mosquitoes and that it seems like it rains every day in April, I can't imagine living anywhere else. Why? Because Mainers take care of Mainers and those they love!

I am constantly amazed at the generosity of Mainers and their willingness to help those in need. Need another example? Check out this Facebook post from the Baileyville Police Chief.

The Baileyville Police Department was going to hold a fundraiser for Maine State Police Detective Ben Campbell who was tragically killed while helping a motorist. They were trying to collect $1282 as his badge number was 1282. They had only collected a couple of hundred dollars when the Chief was approached and a woman offered to make up the difference, unasked! She then brought in 10 $100 bills to the Chief's office a few days later. Amazing!

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