Literally my whole life as a male, I've made jokes about farts being dangerous. If you just put your mind back into your childhood, you can probably recall a solid handful of fart rhymes, or jokes. Never mind the amount of times where you can likely recall being traumatized by someone's south wind.

But can your vapor trails really spread coronavirus? Scientists say maybe. Not to make more 'down under' jokes, but Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Coronacast” podcast, producer/host Dr. Norman Swan says it may actually be possible according to the New York Post. So in reality, your pants are just a mask for your sideways smile.

We can joke all we want, but Dr. Swan says that people should definitely practice social distancing when passing gas, and no toots without pants. The science behind it is legit, but it's best left to reading yourself. A) I'm no doctor... and B) I don't feel comfortable writing it. Where science and toilets meet, I leave that to the professionals.

But seriously, the coronavirus is no joke. We all know that. And while it's funny to think that farts are now actually silent but violent, please be careful whatever you do when it comes to the spread of COVID-19. Keep your hands clean, wear a mask when you should, and for god's sake..... keep your pants on!

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