A Maine State Police trooper was injured when his cruiser was struck from behind by a second vehicle on the Maine Turnpike. It is the second such accident in just over a week.

Trooper Ryan Keller was parked in the breakdown lane at mile 70 in New Gloucester with his emergency lights activated as he was observing ice build up on the road.

A car driven by Nancy Colson, 22, of Topsham went out of control and stuck the rear of the cruiser, forcing it into a guardrail.

Maine's move over law requires motorists to move over when police, fire, ambulance and wrecker lights are activated. The law is designed to give those emergency workers additional room along the side of the road.

The crash took place in the same area where Trooper John Davis was injured when his cruiser was struck by a tractor trailer last Friday morning. He too was in the breakdown lane with the cruiser's emergency lights activated. That crash involved a tractor trailer truck which also did not move over.

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