Outdoor recreation is flourishing in Maine.

At $2.9 billion in 2017, the industry makes up nearly 5% of our economy, which may sound small but is actually a higher percentage than in almost any other state, according to the Press Herald.

Only the economies of Hawaii and Montana have a higher proportion of their economy comprised from outdoor recreation.

When you think Maine economy, you probably think tourism and potatoes.

Tourism undoubtedly contributes to and overlaps with the outdoor recreation industry, between boating, hunting, camping, skiing, hiking, ATV-riding, and dozens of other hugely popular outdoor sports and hobbies, tourists and locals alike revel in the natural adventurous terrain that Maine has to offer.

So get out there! Hike, fish, kayak, rock climb, disc golf, min-golf, golf cart! Do it all! And do the ones for warmer weather soon because Winter is Coming.


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