Another reason to be proud, Maine. Our lobster harvest was the most valuable in history last year.

The Maine Lobster fishermen brought in $725 million for 2021. They brought in more lobster, and also the price was higher, leading to the record year.

The previous record was $541 million.

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That is a lot of lobster rolls at your favorite down east lobster shack this summer.

When is summer going to get here so we can get out and enjoy the so many positives of Summer in Maine?

Including lobster.

Close-up of a lobster roll

"The Maine lobster industry remains a cornerstone of our state's coastal economy and identity because of the uncompromising commitment to quality that follows every lobster, from trap to table. I will continue to work tirelessly to support this vital Maine heritage industry," Gov. Janet Mills said.

 Oh yeah, we love our lobster.

"The extraordinary value earned last year by Maine lobster harvesters is a clear reflection of strong consumer confidence in the Maine lobster brand and the products and people it represents," said Maine Department of Marine Resources Commissioner Patrick Keliher.

And who’s not curious what the price will be this summer?

Maine Department of Marine Resources says the lobstermen received an average of $6.21 a pound last year — also a record.

Congrats to the hard-working folks in the fishing industry, and thanks for doing what you do.

See you at the shack. But not soon enough.


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