As of Monday, June 1, there have been at total of 2,349 cases of coronavirus in Maine, according to official state statistics. That's 24 more cases from the previous day.

The most recent numbers show 1,586 Mainers have recovered from the virus and have been released from isolation. That's 34 more recoveries since yesterday.

There have been a total of 89 deaths among Mainers with COVID-19, mostly among the elderly. That is the same number of recorded deaths as the previous day.

There have been 284 Mainers hospitalized at some point during their illness. Currently, there are 52 people being hospitalized.

More than 49,000 tests have been performed across the state.

You may watch the most recent Maine CDC news conference below at 2 p.m.

The cases are centered mostly in southern Maine, with the majority in Cumberland and York counties. Health officials have identified "community transmission" of the disease present in Penobscot, Androscoggin, Cumberland and York counties.

There are 100 cases in Penobscot County. Ninety-one of those people have recovered and 17 have been hospitalized at some point during their illness. One person from Penobscot County has died.

Maine CDC

There are 518 healthcare workers who have tested positive for the virus.

Dr. Nirav Shah, the head of the Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, urged Mainers, no matter where they live, to practice "physical distancing" to help stop the spread of the virus.

"Physical distancing is the best vaccine we have when it comes to COVID-19 in absence of a chemical vaccine," Dr. Nirav Shah said at a recent news conference.

For more information on COVID-19, visit the CDC website.

For information on cases in Maine, visit the Maine CDC website.

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