Yup we grow'em big here. Now for the record this world record holding Manie Coon cat actually resides in England. 

Just ahead of National Cat Day which is celebrated in the US last Saturday, a Purrr-fect example of Maine Coon Cat earned a place in the new Guinness World Records 2017 Edition for his jaw-dropping size.

Our prize winner by the name of Ludo, belongs to Kelsey Gill of Wakefield, UK, is the record holder for the longest domestic cat alive, measuring an astonishing 3 ft. 10.6 in long.

In the video Kelsey says she got the idea from watching Harry Potter. If you noticed, which I confess I didn't, Mr. Filche's cat Mrs. Norris was a Maine Coon. I have known several of the gentle giants from right here in our neck of the woods including my brother's two Millie and Annie. They are sweet and funny the pair of them and unlike sedate and lazy Ludo the girls can be quite rambunctious.

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