According to Thrillist, Maine was ranked the 14th most beautiful state in the United States. At least it was rated the most beautiful state in New England.

Kansas was ranked number 50, making it the least beautiful state and California was ranked number 1 as the most beautiful state.

I have been to California once for a hotel conference, and had dinner overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. It was beautiful, but I have lived in Maine for 30 years now, and I love Maine! It's my home and to me it's number 1, no matter what Thrillist has to say!

Thrillist had this to say about Maine

Topping off New England is Maine, a state whose residents know they’ve got the best natural scenery in the Northeast and are totally content with you just sticking to the Portland area to eat lobstah so there’s more room up north for them. In addition to possessing some of the most breathtaking coastline in America (with thousands of jagged islands offshore bringing the total mileage of pebbly beach to over 3,000), Maine’s got the gorgeous Acadia National Park, Mount Katahdin (the tip of the Appalachian Trail), and countless acres of dense wilderness for the L.L. Bean types (it’s basically, like, their uniform up there).