For those familiar with Rachel's Challenge, a campaign that was adopted by the Ellsworth School Department in the 2019-20 year as a means to stop bullying, there was the mantra "Kindness Begins with Me". Now the Retail Association of Maine, Chambers of Commerce and the Maine Grocer and Food Producers Association have come together to develop the statewide campaign "Let's Be Kind - Doing Business Differently Helps Keep Maine Safe."

The campaign came together after observations of consumer behavior at essential businesses throughout the pandemic and as businesses began to reopen. It was noticed that many customers were ignoring mask wearing requirements and sometimes harassing store employees who attempted to enforce the rules put in place by the Maine CDC guidelines and the Governor's executive orders.

The campaign's tagline "Doing Business Differently, Helps Keep Maine Safe" is intended to reinforce the importance of making simple adjustments to everyone's daily shopping and dining habits in order to protect workers and each other.

You can download posters for your place of work  and see the social media graphics you are encourage to use by clicking HERE


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