After an announcement that the MDI Sport's Boosters were being disbanded because of a lack of interest, a group of parents have stepped up, and MDI Athletic Director Bunky Dow has agreed to this last ditch effort to revive the MDI Sport's Boosters.

Ericka Jeffers is spearheading the revival. She can be reached via text at 207-266-7200 or via email at

Thanks to Wendy Littlefield who summarized the role of the Sport's Boosters and some of the expectations

"The MDI High School Sports Boosters have been around for over 30 years. Over that time, they have held many fund raisers, but their main goal is to provide concessions to many home athletic events. During the Fall season they concentrate on Home Football events and evening home soccer events that are played on the stadium field.

Over the past several years the sports boosters have been run by a few very dedicated parents and friends of MDIHS Athletics. They have realized that for the past three years the boosters have been limited due to COVID restrictions and  thought they needed to 'throw in the towel' due to lack of volunteers. After a social media post by athletic director, Mr. Dow, MDI High School has had a parent step up (who happens to be a second-generation sports booster as her parents were some of the original booster members) that would like to give this one last chance. But - the MDI Sports Boosters need your help.
1) A parent from each team willing to represent their sport on the boosters' club and get additional parents on board to work concessions.
2) 4-5 parents to work concessions at each home event (9/13 and 9/14 home soccer events and 9/16 is the first regular season home football game) 3 Regular Season Football Games and possibly 3 Regular season Boys Soccer games and 3 regular season girls soccer games)
3) A core group of parents that are willing to learn the 'ropes' of opening, running, and closing the concession shack.
4) Parents willing to bake home made goods and or crockpot items to be sold at concessions.
5) Ideally a parent willing to take on roll of President and one for Vice President, we have a Treasurer who is willing to stay on.

The Boosters are asked to help fund non budgeted athletic items including athletic scholarships, banners that teams receive, state championship jackets, attendance to many coaching trainings, speakers for athletic events, senior recognition flowers, attendance at New England Events and expenses, a whirlpool to be used by our athletes, items that the trainer and / or athletic director need to help our athletic programs run smoothly and benefit our student athletes."

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if you are interested in volunteering in any form or manner please reach out to Ericka Jeffers.. She can be reached via text at 207-266-7200 or via email at


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