Congratulations to Lamoine Consolidated School Teacher, Miranda Engstrom who was named Hancock County Teacher of the Year today, May 11th.

Miranda said this about being named Hancock County Teacher of the Year

This has been an amazing opportunity to recognize and thank everyone who has tirelessly left their handprints in my heart and helped to shape me as both an educator and a person. I represent the amazing community of Lamoine, 125 of my best friends at Lamoine Consolidated School, my amazing colleagues and mentors, family, and friends, who have shaped and made me who I am. I am endlessly thankful. We all shine brightest when we are together. I do not stand here as an individual, but as a TEAM. We did this TOGETHER!

Rob Liebow, the Superintendent of Schools for Hancock and Lamoine wrote this in support of Miranda's nomination

Rob Liebow's recommendation of Miranda Engstrom
Rob Liebow's recommendation of Miranda Engstrom

Since 2016 Miranda has been the Reading Recovery, Title 1 and Gifted and Talented Teacher at tte Lamoine Consolidated School. Prior to that she was a Kindergarten Teacher at the Surry Elementary School from 2008 to 2016.

Since 2017 she has been the SkillsUSA Advisor at the Lamoine Consolidated School and since 2019 the Odyssey of the Mind Coach at Lamoine.

She will now be competing for the State of Maine Teacher of the Year!


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