The Lamoine School District held a School Committee Meeting on Wednesday, August 12th to discuss their back to school plans.

Students will report on Tuesday, September 8th.  Highlights of the meeting include

  • Safety handbooks are being developed for Students/Parents and Staff with Parents needing to sign the handbooks
  • Personal Protection Equipment is being ordered for students and staff/faculty
  • Only students and staff will enter the building once school begins
  • Screening for all students and staff need to be conducted daily at home
  • Adults need to remain 6 feet apart, Students will be 3 to 6 feet apart. 3 feet apart will be only for a short time. 6 feet will apply for desks, and eating breakfast ans lunch.
  • The school acknowledges that the best learning method is in-person 5 days a week however the school must comply with all safety requirements
  • The initial survey found 87% of parents want full in school learning and 13% remote
  • When the school sets up desks, 6 feet apart, the MAXIMUM they can fit in the biggest classroom (3rd grade) is 12 desks
  • There will be online learning running at the same time as in-school learning (synchronously)

The School is resurveying all parents. They are currently planning on 4 scenarios based upon current configurations

Plan A

  • K-2 100% in person learning
  • Grades 3-8 return learning 1/2 time in person and 1/2 time remote

Plan B - If more parents choose in person after survey

  • K-1 100% in person learning
  • Grades 2-8 will have 1/2 time in person and 1/2 time remote

Plan C - If more parents choose remote learning after survey

  • K-1 100% in person learning
  • Grades 2-8 will have in person learning if class sizes are less than 12 and if greater than 12 will be 1/2 in person and 1/2 time remote

Plan D - If County is designated yellow or red

  • Full time remote learning for all Grades

Surveys will be going out to parents on Thursday, August 13th and need to be returned by Monday, August 17th at the latest, so schedules can be finalized by Wednesday, August 19th


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