Today, Sunday, June 28th is National Paul Bunyan Day. Paul Bunyan's birthplace is claimed by both Bangor, Maine and Bemidgi, Minnesota.

Jeff Tuttle, Townsquare Media
Jeff Tuttle, Townsquare Media

While I personally cannot attest to Bemidji's claim, I have seen Paul's birth certificate in the City Clerk's office in Bangor.

You can celebrate Paul Bunyan Day by taking a ride to Bangor and having your picture taken with this great lumberjack!

According to legend, Paul Bunyan was so huge at birth, it took five exhausted storks to deliver him to his parents. When he was a week old, he fit into his father's clothes. He ate 40 bowls of porridge a day. He got a big blue ox named Babe for his first birthday. Babe grew so large that her footsteps around Minnesota created the state's 10,000 lakes. And Paul created the Grand Canyon simply by dragging his axe behind him


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