Can you believe that 5 months have gone by and we are beginning June? Here are the sunrise and sunset times in Bar Habor for June 2022.

The full moon, called the "Strawberry Moon" will take place on Tuesday, June 14th. The "longest" day of the year is on Tuesday, June 21st, the 1st Day of Summer.

There's not a tremendous amount of change in the hours of sunlight in June. On June 1st there are 15 hours and 22 minutes of sunlight. On June 21st, the 1st Day of Summer there are 15 hours and 36 minutes of sunlight. On June 30th, there are 15 hours and 32 minutes of sunlight.

Have a great month!

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WednesdayJune 14:498:11
ThursdayJune 24:498:12
FridayJune 34:488:13
SaturdayJune 44:488:14
SundayJune 54:478:14
MondayJune 64:478:15
TuesdayJune 74:478:16
WednesdayJune 84:468:16
ThursdayJune 94:468:17
FridayJune 104:468:18
SaturdayJune 114:468:18
SundayJune 124:468:19
MondayJune 134:468:19
TuesdayJune 144:468:20
WednesdayJune 154:468:20
ThursdayJune 164:468:21
FridayJune 174:468:21
SaturdayJune 184:468:21
SundayJune 194:468:22
MondayJune 204:468:22
TuesdayJune 214:468:22
WednesdayJune 224:478:22
ThursdayJune 234:478:22
FridayJune 244:478:23
SaturdayJune 254:478:23
SundayJune 264:488:23
MondayJune 274:488:23
Tuesday June 284:498:23
Wednesday June 294:498:22
ThursdayJune 304:508:22

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