Imagine spending 24 hours alone where Stephen King created his masterpiece!

A YouTuber who goes by the handle of "TTTHEFINEPRINTTT" recently had the cajones to spend a whole day alone in one of the spookiest, most legendary haunted hotels in the world. And, it’s an iconic hotel we all know very well.

This gentleman likes to take adventures as he travels across the country, to visit both beautiful and creepy places.

The Stanley Hotel is a 140-room Colonial Revival hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, It includes a restaurant, spa, bed-and-breakfast, and apparently some haunted guests.

It is most famously known as the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in Stephen King's 1977 classic book The Shining and of course, when it was adapted into a film in 1980, starring the one and only Jack Nicholson

Over the years, the hotel has gained a reputation as a setting for paranormal activity, appearing on shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.

Room 217 has become their most requested accommodation, and is reserved for years in advance on Halloween

As the story goes, Bangor’s most famous celebrities, Stephen and Tabitha King spent a night there in October 1974. They were the only guests, and as soon as the very next day, King started percolating with ideas to create the iconic story of The Shining.

Did you know that in the original movies, scenes were shot on studio sets, and a totally different hotel, but when it was re-made in 1997. The entire mini-series was filmed at The Stanley.

If you have already prowled the streets of Bangor, researching all of the different inspirations of various Stephen King works, like “IT” over the years, you can actually book rooms to do a little ghostbusting at the Stanley Hotel.

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The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park is widely known to be haunted.

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