The fare-free Island Explorer set a 1 Day Record on August 5th, according to Paul Murphy the Executive Director of Downeast Transportation, with over 10,000 passengers riding the buses.

Murphy said that 9800 passengers were counted by the automated system, and they still needed to add in the bike passengers and others who are manually counted, but was confident that with the handcount, they would be over 10,000 passengers for the day.

According to the story in the Mount Desert Islander, the previous 1 day record was on August 8, 2018 when there were 9602 passengers.

The Island Explorer will continue its summer schedule through August 25th, with the Fall Schedule beginning on August 26th which will run to  Columbus Day/Indigenous People's Day, October 14th.

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of the Island Explorer's service and there were 21 new propane-powered buses added to the fleet.

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