I have a severe case of dentophobia... I'm deathly afraid of dentists. So much so, that true confession time I haven't been to a dentist in a long, long time, really since I had nasal cancer.

Because of my nasal cancer and the subsequent radiation of my face, I have terrible teeth. I have lost some teeth, in the back, and now tomorrow is the day of reckoning. I'm going to the dentist to have the roots pulled.

I have a great dentist. I like him outside of his office. They were even taking bets today to see if I would show for my appointment this afternoon to get ready for tomorrow. Believe me, I was laying odds that I was going to cancel! If my wife hadn't already taken tomorrow off as a personal day to tend to me, I probably would have!

So, they're going to sedate me. I told him this afternoon that I didn't want to remember a thing or feel a thing. So I have lots of medicine to take tonight and tomorrow morning and then versed will be my best friend! I've already told my wife Bonnie that there's to be no videotaping of me. Last time I had versed I woke up from surgery and couldn't remember how I got my pants on! My wife said I dressed myself, and to this day, I have no recollection!  That's how I want tomorrow to be! No memories and no pain!

So, if you're inclined, think of me! Give me courage. My back is all sweaty just thinking about it!

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