This past week, life as we have known it was turned upside down with the multitude of cancellations, from colleges to sporting events and new words have entered our vocabulary like "flattening the curve" and "social distancing". Anywhere and everywhere I turned I was bombarded by COVID-19 news.

I went to the store last night, and I have never seen it like it was, with canned vegetables almost all gone, and let's not even talk about toilet paper. In 35 years living in Maine, I have never seen it like that, but let's face it, these are unusual times.

The one constant in the 35 years I have been privileged to call Maine my home is the ability for Mainers to help Mainers and those they love. Together, although 6 feet apart, we will get through this. But there are a lot of people hurting right now and here's what you can do (in no random order).

  • Share only truthful things about COVID-19 on social media. Rely on factual sources like the Maine CDC. I promise you anything we share on WDEA will be fact checked and will only come from reliable sources.
  • If organizers are forced to cancel events don't jump on them and start criticizing them. They are doing so over an abundance of caution and not doing so lightly. Many events that had been planned took months to plan, and these organizations are being impacted financially by these cancellations.
  • Remember the restaurants! If you are uncomfortable eating out in a restaurant, order something to go, or have it delivered. Purchase a gift card.
  • Don't hoard. While I understand the necessity of being prepared, remember we are Mainers. I know if I needed something, and called my neighbor they would help me and share with me and I would do the same for them
  • Check in with your neighbors and the elderly. We've been through events, similar to this, whether it's a major snowstorm, sustained power outage. You know the drill.
  • Stuck for something to do with your children? Take them to Acadia National Park. For many of us, it's less than a hour away, and for some it's right in our backyard! There's no entrance fee right now until May 1st, there's Sand Beach, there's Thunder Hole and plenty of fresh air.
  • Try not to be bombarded by social media. Turn off Facebook. Limit television news. WDEA has news on the top and bottom of the hour, but otherwise we play the best music!
  • If you are feeling scared. talk to someone. Talk to a friend, a member of the clergy. Talk to your children. They're probably scared. Need questions answered call 2-1-1. There's someone there all the time answer your questions about COVID-19.
  • Wash your hands! Try not to touch your face. Wash your hands again. We need to practice not only good hygiene, but great hygiene. Concerned about safety precautions? Read the email that Covenant Health sent out to their patients.
  • Be flexible. Things are still in a state of flux and there will be probably be more disruptions, closures and changes
  • If you need help, let someone know. Now is the time for all of us to pull together.

Remember Facts not Fiction!

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