As we all work, study or stay at home, or if you are an essential worker, at work, while practicing appropriate social distancing I thought this morning it's easy to feel isolated, lonely, and at times despair. So I thought, let's share how you're making a difference today!

It could be as easy as staying home and flattening the curve. But please share below in the comments. We are all better together.

I'm reminded of 3 things this Wednesday morning.

  1. I lived in Bermuda in the 1970's, attending high school. During my senior year, there were race riots, and we lived under a dusk to dawn curfew for a few days. Afterwards Reverend Jesse Jackson came down and schools gathered in the movie theater. I still remember his talk 42 years later. He had us all repeat "It's not your aptitude, that determines your altitude! With a little intestinal fortitude or guts! This is the time for the intestinal fortitude or guts!
  2. Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are! When you come home from work look at your dog! Tails are wagging, they are barking and so excited to see you. Imagine if everyone you came in contact with was as excited to see you (minus the tail wagging and barking of course! )
  3. Be the difference  You have the choice.. it can be a positive difference or a negative difference. Be a positive difference!

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