The good news... After being canceled last year because of COVID High School Baseball and Softball have been cleared to begin. But, games will be much quieter, and things will look a little different this year, because of COVID.

The first thing that fans will notice are other fans! Yes, fans will be allowed at the outdoor games. Fans must maintain social distancing (6 feet) and will have to wear masks.

The next things fans will notice is that there won't be any singing or chanting from the dugouts. No "We love Free Bases, We love Free Bases (My favorite softball song of all time! )

Sunflower seeds won't be allowed to be chewed, and just like there's no crying in baseball ("A League of Their Own"), there won't be any spitting allowed either!

The pitcher may not go to their mouth, they may have a damp cloth, not white or grey, in their back pocket.  Cloth must be dampened with water only. They must wipe their hand prior to touching the ball

Baseball pitchers may not wear a gray or white mask while on the mound. (So the ball doesn't get lost in the mask, and the batter can pick it up as it leaves the pitcher's hand)

Softball players may not wear masks the color of the softball.

Athletes, coaches and game personnel should sanitize their hands after each half inning.

There won't be a home plate umpire in baseball. They will be behind the pitcher. Home plate umpires in softball will be 6 feet behind the catcher.

There WILL be Regional and State Championship games.


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