Thanks to Ellsworth Athletic Director Josh Frost for passing this along!

This is EHS Senior Grayson Mote.
Grayson Mote Senior 144 pound Photo Chris Popper
Grayson Mote Senior 144 pound Photo Chris Popper
At last night's wrestling meet in Calais, Grayson was talking to a fellow competitor from another school. While talking to him he noticed the fellow competitor having a hard time talking and gasping for air. Grayson tried the Heimlich Maneuver to dislodge a piece of food that was lodged in the other students throat.
While unsuccessful at first, Grayson got Ellsworth High School wrestling Coach Sam Hughes' attention and Coach Hughes was successful in dislodging the piece of food that was stuck in his throat.
From Coach Hughes:
"We saved that kids life. He was genuinely choking, zero air passage, and panicking. Food shot onto the floor when I was able to perform the Heimlich. He took deep breaths and I had to support him for a few seconds. Grayson did a really good thing."
This past fall Grayson did an internship with Athletic Trainer Jacob Powell.
Do you know how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver?
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And if you are ever by yourself, you can save your own life if you are choking

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