This is directed to the present, past and future High School athletes, musicians and students. I'm not sure you know the impact you have on the next generation of athletes, musicians and students. I wanted to share something someone posted in the Ellsworth High School Baseball Facebook Group.

The mom wrote

Eagles... I've been a part of many teams over the years, and I've had the privilege to experience what you're about to go after today. But nothing has compared in my eyes to the positive impact you've had in our community and our Little League programs. As I've walked around during the little league games and in the dugouts, you hear things like "I want to swing like Jack", and "I hope I can throw half as hard as Connor and Matt".. "We should wear our socks like the varsity team", and " Did you see that play Devin made the other night?" Or " Wow, that one hopper Tyler made at third was awesome!"...When I see first hand and hear about boys sleeping in their black Eagles hoodies, something pretty special is happening...
We as a league want to thank you all for your willingness to be here for our younger boys, and even though standing in the tunnel as the teams run out during opening day may not seem like a big deal at the time, believe me it is. These younger boys idolize and admire you all, and you've made it easy for them to relate to. You're paving the road for special things to come not just in athletics, but in very important life lessons as these boys grow. I thank you all again for your time and effort!!

I know you all have so many things you are doing, what with school and all the extra-curricular activities, work etc. But those precious moments you go to a clinic for young kids, help an elementary or middle schooler with their instrument, math problem etc. is invaluable. You are heroes to these little ones, and they want to be like you. Carve out a few moments! Like the mom said even though it may not seem like a big deal at the time, it is, not only to the "littles" but to their families and the community at large!

Enjoy your summer.

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